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Hello classmates,

2019 will be the 60th anniversary of our graduation from Huntington East High School.

We are seeking your input about how you would like to celebrate this incredible milestone.

Please complete the survey and add any other suggestions or ideas you have.

Thank you.

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1)   Are you interested in attending the 60th reunion?

2)   Where would you like to have the reunion?

3)   Would you like to have a one day event?

4)   Would you like to have a 2 day event?

5)   Do you want to have dancing?

6)   Do you want entertainment?

7)   If you want entertainment-what kind of entertainment would you want?

8)   Would you like to meet in the evening?

9)   Would you rather have a luncheon?

10)   How much are you willing to pay?

11)   Please share any and all ideas you have.